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I'm not even sure you realize how incredibly beautiful your voice is. It deserves to be heard by everyone.
Thank you so much for making my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration so special with your voice of love~
Womens Conference Friend. You are awesome. You have a beautiful voice. OMG!!! Glory to God.
Tomika You did an outstanding job at my wedding on 09-18-10 girl gave me chills.
Outstanding!! I loved your demo music on the site, beautiful.... Wow, what a nice Bio.... You Go Girl!! I am excited to have you sing at my wedding this summer, and I know you gonna BLOW it!! We will truly be blessed.
Hey Tomika,continue to allow God to use you. You have a beautiful gift that touches so many lives. You also have a beautiful spirit, that's what I really like about you. I pray that God has favor over your life...oh yeah, and btw...congrats ;-)
Hey Tomika, I heard you were a knock out at my emploee's sister's wedding. I was checking on your availability. I have some programs coming up, not quite sure of the exact dates, but can give you some idea. Dec.13, Jan.10, Feb.7, May.2nd & June 13th. Look forward to hearing from you.
I would love to work with you as a singer for my events. I will contact you ASAP. Toni Taylor, EverMoreEvents II, LLC.
Tomika, Words can never express the joy that you added to our wedding. Thank you so very much for the beautiful presentation of our song selections. So many people were blessed by your beautiful voice. I am looking forward to viewing our wedding video to re-live my wonderful day! Thanks again, Sonia and Keith Givens: Wedding 2 August 2008
I am so proud of you! Keep pressing forward. Your steps are ordered! Love you!
hey cuzz wuts up wit u i cant wait till i see u in 7-12
Hey I Like your computer wont let me play the vid look nice..I wish you the best...who knew an esn change would have had me looking at an up and coming singer's page .lol
I had the pleasure of hearing you sing on May 10, 2008 at my stepdaughter Tiffanys wedding. I had no idea you had a voice range like that. It was wonderful. I have been telling everyone at my job about you and your site. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your album in 2009. Many thanks for a job well done.
I had the pleasure of hearing you sing at the Childs wedding on May 10th. I was the wedding coordinator that greeted you once you arrived. Once you opened your mouth and begin to sing, it brought tears to my eyes. I received many questions about you during the reception and was asked if you were going to perform again. Your voice was delightful and sent a spirit in me that helped me make it through the wedding day. I will recommend you to others. I was also asked to forward your website to the staff at Snowhill Manor for future events in case anyone was seeking a soloist. Girlfriend you were Marvalous!!!!
hi, this is linda, i caught the 3rd appolo and almost cried 4 u. i'm soo proud of u as u kno u done great. it feels good 2 kno dat sum1 i kno made it. anyway just wanted 2 send sum luv. peace tyshawn
Tomika, Words can't express the awesome pride that I feel, I'm so very blessed and honord to call you my little sista!! You've evolved into such a Fabulous, Wonderfully Strong and Talented WOMAN!! sista! keep on keeping on! I luv u Sonia
Hey Tomika. This is Monica Kent. I saw your show air on Saturday night ... It was the friday night recording bfore I even got there... u killd em' girl;.
Hey Angel, I got a chance to tune in on Tomika this Sunday. That girl is going places. She is very talented. I will definitely be keeping up with her. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed listening to her sing. Ola
Good Morning Tomika, Your performance on the Apollo was fantastic. After hearing and seeing your performance, I really understand when Kai is almost speechless concerning your singing ability. You are truly talented. As I said to you before, I believe God has a mission for you that is larger than the Apollo. Please don't let anyone redefine your mission. Have a great day.
May God's lasting blessings follow you forever. You have been a blessing to so many others, We pray that God will release all that he has for you. Continue singing praises and allowing God to use you in a mighty way.
Hello Tomika, I love your website, Tiffany Jackson Childs sent me the link to your site. I will keep you in mind for any up coming events. Keep doing what you do and if you get a chance stop by my website or May YOU be stay Blessed 24:7
Tomika your voice all ways brings me to tears, I listen to your songs all the time, and people ask me, who is that, she has a beautiful voice, I reply that's Tomika an upcoming star so look forward to seeing her because she is coming, God gave her a beautiful voice so she can be hurd, and to bring joy into peoples lives with her voice, so I'm just looking forward to seeing you on the big screem. Your turn is almost here ! Tanya
Your voice still brings me to tears, I listen to your singing all the time, and people ask me who is that singing, I say Tomika Arnold a up coming star so look out for her, I'm looking forward to seeing you on TV because you are a Shining Star. Tanya
Your voice still brings me to tears, I have your sample cd in my car, and everyone ask, who is that, I respond a up coming star so look out for her Ms. Tomika Arnold, I know you are going far with that awesome gift God gave you, waiting to see you on TV Star. Tanya
Hello, Ms Tomika I enjoyed your singing at the Black History program at the Glass Manor Recreaction Center on Sat. I sat beside you , I am Chaneace Purvis Grandmother. Keep up the good work.
Mika, My prayer is that God will continue to Bless the journey that you are on. God has the window open ready to Bless your dreams and desires. Keep looking to the Lord for your direction. You have such a unique voice that will capture the heart and souls those that listen. Live out the dream and desire that God has placed on your heart. I can't wait to spread the word about your CD. Do the Dang on thing Ms. Queen. Much Love Freeto Be_Me
look at my cousin tomika doing her thang i mean keep on singing and doing what u chu d because we got ur back in what ever u do love ya mika josh !@#$%^&*()
Queen You Are The Creme de la Creme!! Tomika I am so proud of you and may GOD lead you to many many open doors for when you open your mouth the angels are heard on high! The photo's are beautiful!! Much Love YODEL
They just don't know what is coming. Let's keep banging out the hits. See you in the studio. -Dale Goode All Good Entertainment
It's nOt a message or word to categorize the talents you possess....Not Only are you spiritually divine, but you are a soulfully blessed....I appreciate your art and the many forms of expressions...KEep YoursElf InspIred, as wEll As AmbitiOus.....TAKe cAre, and I'll seE U On the ScrEen....BET!
It was good seeing you slim jim. Stay sweet, slim an sanctified baby. "Super Star Boo"!, Super Star.
A million miles to go boo! keep on pushing! Your awesome! Stay focused, pretty lady.
Hey BOO!!
Extremly talented. With a voice that has the power to bring tears to a mans eyes when you connect. I commend you for following your dreams and passion. I honor you for going after it with a mindset of getting it and not waiting on it to be given. I pray nothing but the best for your endeavers. Stay focused and in tune and I have no doubt that what you envision will come to fruition.
You are on the verge of your dream! You are one of the most talented, driven, passionate vocalist's that I know. You are what the music business is waiting on.. a songstress-writer-producer-diva that knows her worth! Your work is AWESOME PERIOD! Continued success to you! It's only a matter of time!
Mika, I am so proud of you and honored to know such a phenomenal Women of God who loves nothing more than to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Keep using that anointed authentic voice God has given you Ms. Queen Diva. Much Love, Anya
May God continue to use you and magnify himslef even greater through your voice. Peace and Many, Many Blessings! Love, Ann
You are going to the Operah Winfrey Show. Rock And Roll Baby!!
Hi Tomika, this is erik lewis trying to contact you, you can call me at 510-395 1523 have a bless day. I would like to talk with you regarding some business. Its a bless for me to be calling you, i hope to here from soon. erik lewis the actor with the billion dollar smile
You did not do yourself justice the way you described yourself/life and how you get down as far as the path you are on in entertainment. All I can say is wow, this is where it starts. (I sat in front of you in Telecomm class at Global Knowledge). I will be following your very young entertaining career (as far as CD and all) and will be looking for you breakout or Debut as your business calls it. Blessings in all you do in entertainment as luck did not get you to where you are now. Looking for your Debut Mark McFadden Charlotte, NC.
GOD bless you Love !



Tomika Arnold Singing At The Famous Apollo Theater

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