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Queen's Entertainment: Music

Without A Ring

Without a Ring

I been giving all my love to you
Without a ring
I am tired of being your fool
All the while you saying we gonna get married
But it been 9 years, and I’m still waiting. What you gonna do boy?

Verse 1
Done everything that a wife would do
Washed your dirty draws, I catered to you
Given you everything with nothing in exchange
What does it take to have your last name?
If you don’t want to be with me that’s all you have to say
Just let me know and I’ll be on my way
But don’t expect me to keep on giving you my cookies without a ring

Verse 2
I know this comes as a shock to you
But this anit no game I’m not playing with you
I want to have kids, how long must I wait
You say you love me baby, so when we gone set a date.
If I am the one for you then why do you hesitate?
Even I am, or I’m not your soul mate
Being here with you just wasted time
Holding on this long I must be out of my mind

I’m tired of playing house.
I just want to be I want to be your wife.
I'm not tripping off no big wedding, baby we could go to the Justice of Peace
But know that you aint getting no more my loving without giving me a ring.
I tired of waiting

Wont wait no more
I wont wait no more
Cause you taking too long
And I just can’t do this no more
What am I suppose to do
Just sit around and wait for you
Please help me understand

You say you love me
But you won’t marry me
Why buy the cow
When you can get the milk for free
It’s been 9 years and I’m still waiting
It’s nothing left to do
But to walk out on you

Lyrics Written By: Tomika Q. Arnold