Client Testimonials

“Good voice sounds like Kelly Price” - Donald Lawrence BMI Demo Critique 

“Tomika's voice in intoxicating, engaging and a uniquely powerful instrument for the Kingdom of God. The tonality of her voice is smooth as silk and out of nowhere comes awesome power, range and intensity not matched or found in many singers” - Michael Reid 

“Tomika Arnold's voice is captivating and her presence engulfing --- a perfect blend of elegance and strength. She recently serenaded my mother at a birthday celebration where she sang so beautifully several people in the public area cried (both men and women) as they listened. Equally amazing was the way that she connected with my mother before she sang; she held her hand, looked deep into her eyes, smiled and paused a moment. When the connection was there, she said a few quick words and then sang so powerfully. I would recommend her for any event. She has the wisdom and sensitivity to know what to do and how to do it regardless of the setting.” - Lakaiya P 

“She was amazing! Her voice is so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. My wife and I were so lucky and blessed to have found her. The songs she performed out our wedding were outstanding. I strongly recommend her and will user her again!” - Anthony B 

“Tomika did an AMAZING job at my wedding ceremony and evening reception! My guest was commenting throughout the evening about how wonderful Tomika's voice was! Everyone thought it was a CD playing at first. Tomika also sung with a male vocalist (Roderick Giles), and they make a GREAT DUO! I can't say enough how much my husband and I truly enjoyed having them! Guest was asking how they could hire them for their upcoming events. I TRULY am so thankful Tomika helped make my vision for our wedding ceremony come true by inviting a Spirit Filled atmosphere. Her voice and spirit are heaven sent. God Bless! Sherita Hayes Richmond, Virginia” - Sherita W, Wedding Ceremony, Richmond, VA 

“She was very talented. We enjoyed her performance very much.” -Eleanor M, Birthday Party (Adults), Silver Spring, MD